Will your Sage Accounts software work with the new Government Gateway?
There’s more than one reason February 14th should be on your mind - forget the Champagne and roses, it’s your Sage Accounts software. We know it’s not as much fun, but a change that’s coming within the next two weeks means it’s important you’re using the right version!

The current Government Gateway is due to be decommissioned on 14 February 2018 and replaced by a new system developed by HMRC. The gateway service is your secure online account where you register for and access government online services. Your Sage Accounts software currently integrates with the gateway for online submissions such as:
▪ VAT Returns
▪ EC Sales lists
▪ CIS Returns
▪ CIS subcontractor validations.

However, as from 14th February, only certain versions of Sage 50 Accounts will be compliant with the new gateway.

What will work: Sage 50 Accounts v24. This is already compliant with the new gateway and you can continue to make online submissions from your software as normal after 14 February.

What won’t work: Sage 50 Accounts v23 or below. To continue to make online submissions directly from your software, you'll need to upgrade to Sage 50 Accounts v24.

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