Tax investigation protection for when HMRC comes calling
As a client of Hargreaves Owen, you have the option to sign up to our Tax Compliance Policy. The policy is an insurance that provides you with a means to paying our fees if you have an inspection by HMRC.

Dealing with an enquiry from HMRC can take a long time; sometimes weeks if not months. In fact, we have had one inspection that clocked up 40 hours; all time that the client had to pay for. A fee protection policy is just a fraction of this potential cost, and can help put your mind at rest that things won’t get out of control.

The policies are tailored to your needs to ensure they cover the areas you need it most. They also include a free helpline, which you may find of use.

The insurance covers....

Enquiries into:  
  •   Corporation tax returns                                                              
  •   Partnership tax returns
  •   Sole trader tax returns
  •   Personal tax returns
Disputes relating to:
  •    VAT
  •    Employer compliance (PAYE, P11D and NIC)
  •    IR35
HMRC use of information and inspection powers/schedule 36 pre-disputes in respect of:
  •    VAT control visits
  •    Employer compliance visits
  •    Check of employer records
  •    Interventions
  •    Requests for information
  •    Capital gains tax
  •    Inheritance tax enquiries up to £5,000
  •    COP8 enquiries up to £5,000
  •    National minimum wage pre-disputes
  •    90 days’ late return cover
  •    No excesses

It is always better to have your accountant deal with HMRC; many who try and do it themselves end up paying more to HMRC and spending a lot more time on it, not to mention the stress it causes!

If you would like to take up the cover, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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